Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
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2011 Wu, S. M, A Study on the Relationships among School Value, Teacher Autonomy, and Teacher Motivation, Being Reviewed by Psychologia
2011 Wu,S.M, Relationships among Perceived Likeability of Principal, School Identity, and Teacher Motivation, Accepted and Second Review by Psychological Reports
2011 林義屏、董玉娟, 網路購物抱怨意圖影響前因之研究, 國立高雄海洋科技大學學報, 25
2011 Feng-Cheng Lin, Hsin-Wen Yu, Chih-Hao Hsu, and Tzu-Chun Weng (2011), Recommendation system for localized products in vending machines, Expert Systems with Applications, 38(8), 9129-9138 (SCI/EI)
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