Journal Paper

Paper Title Authors Year
Differentiated Leadership and Group Performance: The Mediating Effect of Group Cohesion Tung, Y. C., Lin, Y. P., & Chang, W. H. 2018
Applying Smarter Commerce Analysis for Click and Mortar of Integration Platform in the Retail Industry Tzu-Chun Weng, and Chen-Te Hsu (2018) 2018
Exploring Factors Influencing Employees' Impression Management Feedback-Seeking Behavior: The Role of Managerial Coaching Skills and Affective Trust Hsieh, H. H., & Huang, J. T. 2018
Core Self-Evaluations and Job and Life Satisfaction: The Mediating and Moderated Mediating Role of Job Insecurity Hsieh, H. H., & Huang, J. T. (2017) 2017
Optimal production run length and warranty period for an imperfect production system under selling price dependent on warranty period Cheng-Kang Chen, Chih-Chung Lo, and Tzu-Chun Weng (2017) 2017