Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
2008 俊雄、吳思達、杜振亞、劉彥慧、蘇凱榮, 以層級分析法(AHP)建構高職學校本位課程規劃評鑑指標權重之研究, 2008 精進技職教育國際研討會論文集(ISBN:978-986-01-4152-8)
2008 Huang, Jie-tsuen; Wang, Yung-chuan; Hsieh, Hui-hsien;, An Anslysis of Return-on-Investment of Educational Training : The Application of ROI Evaluation Model, Journal of Humanity Research, 4, 4
2008 Chen, Y. J., & Huang, P. H., The Translational Equivalence of the Effort Scale for Chinese and Portuguese Travel Agents, Social Behavior and Personality Journal, 6, 36
2008 張德永、黃芳銘、陳儀蓉, Learning Motivation, Social Capital and Their Impacts on Learning Effectiveness for Adult Learners in Community Universities, Journal of Adult Lifelong Education, 10, 10
2008 Yi-Jung Chen ;Fang-Ming Hwang, Assessing Measurement Invariance of Effort Attribution Scale between Male and Female, Journal of Management Practices and Principles, 2, 1
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2008 Chen, Y. J., Lin, C. C., Tung, Y. C., & Ko, Y. T., Associations of Organizational Justice and Ingratiation with Organizational Citizenship Behavior— the Beneficiary Perspective, Social Behavior and Personality Journal, 4, 36
2008 Yi-Jung Chen ;Ming-Chu Yu ;Chih-Shen Wang, The Influence of Abusive Supervision on Foreign Labors' Organizational Citizenship Behaviors-The Social Exchange Theory Perspective on Leader-Member Exchange Relationship's Mediating Effect, Journal of Management Practices and Principles, 4, 1
2008 Waldman, D. A., Sully, De Luque, M., Washburn, N., House, R. J., Adetoun, B., Chen, Y. J., et al, Cultural and leadership predictors of corporate social responsibility values of top management: a GLOBE study of 15 countries, Journal of International Business Studies, 6, 37
2007 王湧泉、吳思達、黃佳純, 職能本位產學合作訓練課程發展之研究-以台南職業訓練中心2006-2007課程發展為例, 2007 技職教育策略聯盟暨產學攜手國際學術研討會論文集。(ISBN:978-957-752-511)