Chiung-Hui Huang
Name Chiung-Hui Huang
Office Tel No. Yanchao:18867
Job Title Associate Professor
Year Paper Title
2010 黃瓊慧, Sharing is better? A case study in shared leadership., Sharing is better? A case study in shared leadership., China, , 2010-12-12-2010-12-14
2010 黃瓊慧, Shared leadership and team learning: Roles of knowledge sharing and team characteristics., Shared leadership and team learning: Roles of knowledge sharing and team characteristics., Spain Madrid, , 2010-06-28-2010-06-30
2009 Huang, C.H., Resistance to change: the effects of organizational intervention and characteristic., The 2009 International Academy of Business and Economics, Greece Thessalonik, , 2009-06-05-2009-06-07
2008 Exploring the factors of the privatization of government owned enterprises on employees' psychological effect, work attitude, and work value., The 2008 International Conference on Business and Information, Korea Seoul, , 2008-07-07-2008-07-09
2007 Huang, C.H., Exploring knowledge delivery form senders and receivers: A case study.Philadelphia, The 2007 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, USA Philadelphia, , 2008-08-03-2007-08-08
2006 Huang, C.H., Integrating group incentive, group composition, and social tie on group performance., The 5th Asian Conference of the Academy of Human Resource Development, Malaysia Serdang, , 2006-12-03-2006-12-05
2006 Huang, C.H., Who care gender discrimination? Women’s perception., The 12th Asia Pacific Management Conference, Thailand Bangkok, , 2006-11-17-2006-11-19
2006 Huang, C.H., What enhances learning? Beyond the benefit., The 2006 International Business & Economics Research Conference, USA Las Vegas, , 2006-10-02-2006-10-06
2005 Huang, C.H., A conceptual framework of knowledge flow among employees., The 15th International Conference on Pacific Rim Management, Association for Chinese Management Educators (ACME), USA San Diego, , 2005-07-28-2005-07-30
2004 Huang, C.H., Enhancing effective knowledge diffusion: A technology acceptance model (TAM) perspective., The 4th Annual Hawaii International Conference, USA Hawaii, , 2004-06-21-2004-06-24
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period
2010 99-101年度行政院國家科學委員會多年期研究計劃 黃瓊慧 主持人 2010.08.06 ~ 2013.08.06
2010 99年度國立高雄應用科技大學新進教師校內研究計畫 黃瓊慧 主持人 2010.04.06 ~ 2010.12.06
2010 團隊領導效能之探討:社會資本的觀點 黃瓊慧 主持人
2009 98年度國立高雄應用科技大學新進教師校內研究計畫 黃瓊慧 主持人 2009.04.06 ~ 2009.12.06
2009 團隊領導、知識分享與團隊學習 黃瓊慧 主持人
2008 97-98年度行政院國家科學委員會多年期研究計劃 黃瓊慧 主持人 2008.08.06 ~ 2010.08.06
Country School Name Department Degree
台灣 國立中山大學 企業管理所 博士
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title
高雄第一科技大學 兼任助理教授
正修科技大學 企管系 助理教授
Michigan State University Visiting Scholar
Honor Category Year Award Name
2007 中華民國斐陶斐榮譽會員