Journal Paper

Paper Title Authors Year
員工自我效能、學習策略與數位學習成效關係之研究 黃佳純、王湧泉、李姿青 2009
導入國家訓練品質系統(TTQS)提升技職訓練成效之探討 吳思達、王湧泉、黃佳純 2009
高中職校長領導力、情緒智慧與學校執行力之關係研究 吳淑敏 2009
科技大學學生工作價值觀之分析-以南部某國立科技大學人文社會學院為例 吳思達、韓家貞、劉彥慧 2009
決策者價值觀、組織氣候與組織績效之關聯性研究:以高科技產業為例 吳淑敏,唐國銘 2009
因應產業變遷發展的人力培養策略 吳思達、王湧泉、黃佳純 2009
A Value-Based Approach to Recognize Ceos with Ethical Leadership Chen, Y. J. 2009
Associations of Perceived Underemployment with In-Role and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: The Beneficiary Perspective Chen, Y. J. 2009
The moderating effect of co-workers’ reaction on social ties and knowledge sharing in work teams. Huang, C.H., & Huang, I. C. 2009
Resistance to change: The effects of organizational intervention and characteristic. Huang, C.H., & Huang, I. C. 2009